Dear friends!

Today, February 18, 2020, I am pleased to announce that the ALE KANK and TD resumed their work.

I apologize for the continued inaction. I hope that during 2020 there will be significant changes for the better, which will be appreciated by the members of the Association. The main task is to increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstani companies and specialists in the EAEU market, for which: 1. We will resume the work of the training center on new principles 2. We will restore the work of the certification center 3. We offer solutions that increase competitiveness I appeal to all market participants - large and small companies, specialists and just starting to work, the time has come to create a modern industry of technical diagnostics in our country.

TTogether we can achieve great success respectfully Head of KANK and TD

Seipulnik V.V.


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